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3 Simple Tips To Help You Hit Publish Sooner

Hit Publish Sooner

I’ve been obsessed with the writing process ever since I started Meep Moment. I once spent NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS on a new blog idea and then blew the whole thing up just a few weeks later because my writing wasn’t “perfect.” That was five years ago and ever since, a piece of me has been missing.

I love writing, but I’m not a writer. For a while, that statement was a self-limiting belief. But now I embrace it because I’m really not a writer in the traditional sense of the word (and that’s okay!)

Not being a writer doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to write, though. I like to now think of myself as a thought leader and as a thought leader, it’s okay that my writing isn’t perfect. My life’s purpose is to invoke thought and meaning into lives, not teach people how to write.

And this idea leads into the first tip to help you hit publish sooner…

1. Keep Your Purpose In Mind

Most of us aren’t writing to teach people how to write. So why do we care so much about it being perfect before we share? Because that’s your ego trying to protect you. Your ego wants you to do your best work and it can show up through procrastination and comparison.

Your Ego Says…

“I need to have a couple of people proofread this post before I publish it.”

“So-and-so just published a piece about the same topic and she’s really well known. My post now looks like a copycat so I’m just going to not share it for a while.”

“I need to wait until the right time to share it on social media to ensure it gets the most traction. Saturday afternoon at 12:37 p.m. is a bad time for that so I’m just going to wait until next week to share. That’ll give me some more time to tweak it.”

Your ego truly means well in trying to protect you. But remember, protecting yourself isn’t your purpose.

Keeping my purpose in mind every time I sit down to write helps me be my authentic self. Knowing my “why” quiets the ego and let’s Nina, the lover of writing and connection, shine through.

I may spell a word wrong, use the wrong verb tense, say “but” a million times in a post, or write a paragraph that includes 17 vastly different ideas. But, guess what? I’ll survive, and it’s way more helpful to share my messy writing than to keep it to myself.

And when you quiet your ego and are now ready to publish? Maybe…

2. Don’t Start a Blog

The thought of setting up a website for yourself before you can start a project can be overwhelming. Because of this, your idea may never come to fruition because it was never started in the first place. And then a year from now you’ll still be saying “one day I’ll start my such-and-such project.”

No one benefits from you not sharing your unique gifts with the world. It hurts you because a piece of you is missing, and it hurts the world because your valuable insight into a topic isn’t out there helping people.

So rather than investing a ton of time and energy into an online home for your project before you begin, maybe start small and spend a half hour to set up a simple Facebook group or page for your writing instead.

Starting small let’s you focus on your writing without needing to worry about anything else.

And when you are ready to push yourself a little further and start your online home, use this trick…

3. Pretend You Are Writing a Facebook Post

This one was huge for me! When I sit down to write for Meep Moment, I now pretend that I’m writing a Facebook post. I usually don’t have much trouble sharing a few paragraphs about a topic on Facebook. But when I first began Meep Moment, the perfectionist in me kicked into high gear and paralyzed me. Putting my writing on a website instead of Facebook seemed SO formal to me.

Once I shifted my mindset towards knowing Meep Moment belongs to me and I can do whatever the heck I want to with it, writing came much more easily. So now I pretend Meep Moment is my Facebook wall. It helps me not take things too seriously, have fun with it, and publish things sooner. Writing has been so much more enjoyable ever since I made this simple mindset shift.

Your thoughts matter and we want to read them! Don’t let the false belief that writing is a complicated process get to you. It can truly be simple if you let it be. Take charge, simplify the writing process for yourself, and do whatever you need to do to get your idea out there.

Your future self will thank you… and so will I.

Meep Always!


About the author: After years of not following her heart, Nina Cross is inspiring herself and others to create a heartful + meepy life. You can learn more by visiting or by following her meepy-antics on Facebook, Instagram, + Twitter.

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