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meaningful thoughts

Meaningful thoughts are short + sweet notes to inspire you to kick ass and make you feel less alone. We all have craziness going on in our lives and we also all have days that we can’t wait to end. These notes are meant to help you embrace the shit-show when it happens and to have more good days than bad.

water the seed

the grass is greener where you water it

For the first 30 years of my life, nothing was ever enough. My motto was, “I’ll love my life when ‘INSERT FUTURE EVENT’ happens.” I was addicted to the “honeymoon phase” of every new experience. And I’m not even talking about relationships… new college courses, new degree programs, new careers, new jobs, new big life changes, new vacations, new starts to sports seasons… the list goes on.

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On Being Unconventionally Brave

Whenever we hear of someone being brave, we think of them taking action — standing up for themselves, doing that scary thing, or actively helping another person.

But sometimes being brave means not doing anything at all. Being brave could mean sitting back and letting things be. And as a person who loves to take action and control everything, being brave and letting things be is extremely hard for me.

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