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I am okay when things are not okay.

I fall deeply when someone shows me their soul. I love hard without reservation. I see the love and vulnerability in others, even when they do not see it in themselves.

I am afraid to expose my heart. I am brave and expose it anyway. I follow my heart and fight for what I believe in. I see beauty in pain. I lean into discomfort. I feel everything. I cry often.

I am okay when things are not okay.

I accept that I sometimes push people, as well as myself, too hard. I understand that I do this because of my unwavering belief that we all can do hard things. I acknowledge that I struggle with holding space for the ones I love.

I admit that I often demand others to be vulnerable when they are not ready.

I am a work in progress. I am capable of growth and change. I am perfectly imperfect. I am also enough.

I live by my truth that love is a choice… which means I choose to show up relentlessly.

I recognize that love is not always rainbows and unicorns. I trust that choosing love is always worth it.

I am confident that any time I feel discomfort, indifference, or anger towards someone I love, there is something else going on. I own that these 3 feelings are my masks that I use to protect myself. I know that my true feelings lie underneath. I trust that it is always worth it to stay curious and explore my feelings, even especially when I am scared as hell.

I have a heart full of endless love and meeps. I own this superpower because I made the choice to love myself and to not abandon myself no matter what. I love others with no guarantee of being loved back… and it is the most breathtaking feeling I have ever experienced.

I am meepy.

I am the girl who will wear a homemade “Brave” necklace out in public. I am the girl who asks everyone at work what their meepiness level is every single day. I am the girl who genuinely cares how someone feels and wants to help in whatever way I can. I am the girl who excitedly squeaks out a “MEEP!” often, and never cares if I look silly. I am the girl who can put down any differences I may have with someone and still love them unconditionally.

I am healing myself out loud.

I trust that my bravery in healing myself out loud through Meep Moment will help others heal, too. I understand that not everything I share will resonate with everyone. I have faith that this is okay. I know that if it helps just one person, it is worth sharing. I am vulnerable enough to not mind if that one person is me.

I am living life as my authentic self.

I am my own piece. I am rolling through life on my own terms, without needing anyone or anything. I am whole exactly as I am today.

I am a girl who craves to roll and do life with the person I choose to love. I give myself full permission to want this for myself because my craving to choose love is the most beautiful part of me.

I am okay when things are not okay.

I will rest when I need to rest. I will let things be when they are out of my control. I will give space to everyone and everything.

And I will continue to show up relentlessly with love, both from near and from afar.

About the author: After years of not following her heart, Nina Cross is inspiring herself and others to create a heartful + meepy life. You can learn more by visiting or by following her meepy-antics on Facebook, Instagram, + Twitter.

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