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The Only Writing Philosophy You Need

I struggle with perfectionism. It’s been ingrained in my bones since I was a little girl. And although it means well, perfectionism helps no one. It holds you back from sharing your unique gifts with the world. It holds you back from being your amazing self.

Perfectionism makes you doubt yourself ALL THE DAMN TIME.

I’m currently in the midst of creating a simple + meepy life for myself and helping others do the same. Would agonizing for hours over this post and hiring an editor to make sure it’s just right make my life simple? Or meepy?

Hell no, it wouldn’t.

Instead, it would:

  • create more stress in my day
  • use my time (something I will never get back) going back and forth with an editor
  • cost me money to hire the editor
  • drain me of energy I could better use elsewhere

So instead, I spent 30 minutes of my time to write this post, reread it a couple of times for spelling/grammar, and then shipped it. I’m not saying all of my writing is done this quickly nor am I claiming this is the greatest post of all time, but I strive to make all aspects of my life, including my writing, as simple and meaningful as possible.

And to guide me, I ask myself this one question when I’m finished writing a piece:

Could it possibly help someone?

If the answer is yes, then I ship it.

That piece currently sitting on your computer… it can be shipped today.

Meep Always!

P.S. Special thanks to My Phoenix for inspiring this post <3

About the author: After years of not following her heart, Nina Cross is inspiring herself and others to create a heartful + meepy life. You can learn more by visiting or by following her meepy-antics on Facebook, Instagram, + Twitter.

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